Methods to reduce shipping costs:

The current FedEx freight residential delivery fee is $118.00 (as of February 2015). If shipping to a business, this fee will be waived. 

The current FedEx liftgate fee is $112.00 (as of February 2015). If there is a forklift or lift gate at the delivery location, this fee will be waived. 

All stands are shipped via freight services. 

Any stated shipping costs shown are estimated only, we will provide a more detailed and accurate shipping cost when an order is placed. 

Crating fees are not included in the shipping costs. Crating fees range from $30 for a single module up to $200 for a three module system with a stand.

For orders being shipped via ground parcel service, all drawers are individually wrapped to prevent the dividers from falling out and jamming the drawer closed if the package gets tipped or turned over. 

When ordering multiple modules, freight services become more economical. All freight shipments are shipped via FedEx Freight in crates made with 5/8" OSB and 2x4's. Due to the additional weight, lift gate fees are required and there are also extra charges for residential delivery.

Standard for all orders:

Fully wrapped in shrink wrap. 
Surrounded by 2" thick foam sheeting

Shipping methods and fees:

All modules are shipped in either a wood crate or a triple walled cardboard shipping carton. We will do our best to analyze all shipping methods on an individual order basis to ensure the most cost effective method.

Fly Fishing Display Cases - Shipping