Fly Fishing Display Cases - Overview

If you need more room down the road, simply order an additional standard module and you have doubled your space. The middle module has a white melamine top, which will not be seen when stacking, and includes dowel holes to add additional units. All pieces stack onto each other with wood dowel pins.

Additional modules can be ordered at any time to expand your system. You are only limited by the height of your ceiling!

For a complete system, there is an optional stand. The modules attach to the stand with wood dowel pins as well. This is available with or without three additional drawers.

For more customization options, you can choose different wood types, the number of compartments in each drawer, and the type of material used for the module tops. To ensure consistency, hardware is standard oil rubbed bronze pyramid knobs and pulls. See our pricing and features pages for more detailed information.

Modular fly fishing display cases, the most versatile and expandable system available.
Featured in various L.L. Bean stores throughout the country

From the hobbiest fly tyer that wants to house a small collection of flies to the large retail shop that wants to display their flies in a case a cut above the ordinary, we have a system to meet your needs.

For a base system, order one upper unit which includes a matching wood top and a finished top edge with no dowel holes for stacking additional units. Each module includes two drawers, each consisting of 40 compartments that measure 2 1/2 inches square and 2 inches deep.