Modular expandability:

By offering individual two drawer modules that stack onto each other and are secured with dowel pins, this system is infinitely expandable to accomodate a growing collection. Whether it is a month or a few years later, any new module purchased will fit onto your existing system.

Fly Fishing Display Cases - Features


Modules - 24"W x 16"D x 9"H

Stand - 26.5"W x 18.5"D x 26 1/2"H

Standard Hardware:

To ensure consistency, all hardware is a standard oil rubbed bronze pyramid knob. We do not offer any other options for hardware as we want to be sure that any future orders to an existing customer will have hardware that matches between modules. The knobs can easily be changed out if you wish to purchase a different type after delivery. They are a single hole knob with an 8-32 thread screw.

Wood Choices:

For our standard pricing, you have the choice of black walnut, cherry, quarter sawn white oak, or maple. Poplar is used for the drawers and drawer dividers. White melamine is used for the case bottoms, drawer bottoms, and module tops that will not show. If you are interested in any other wood type, from domestic to exotic, we will provide you with a custom quote.

- Modular system to grow with your fly collection
- Choice of four standard woods and unlimited custom woods
- Three divider configurations, mix and match per drawer
- Choice of material for top of upper module
- White drawer bottoms for easy fly visibility
- Full extension plus overtravel drawer slides for full access
- Standard hardware to ensure consistency
- Through dovetail and dowel pin joinery
- Finished with satin lacquer

Optional Stand:

To make your display system a complete piece of quality furniture, an optional stand is available. The top of the stand has dowel holes and pins that match up with the holes in the bottoms of the modules. The holes will match up and lock the modules onto the stand. This stand is available with or without drawers. If you choose the drawers, they have 3" of depth, are made from poplar with melamine bottoms, and have full extension plus overtravel slides. Matching pyramid pulls are standard


Each drawer is made from poplar, is made with dovetail joinery, has full extension plus overtravel drawer slides for full space access, and comes with a melamine bottom. In this case, the melamine is meant to be shown as it allows better visibility and allows the flies to stand out against the white color.

Divider Configurations:

Standard divider configuration is 40 compartments in an 8x5 pattern. These are 2 1/2" square and 2" deep. Two other configurations are available when ordering.

24 compartments in an 6 x 4 configuration; 3 3/8" x 3 1/8"
77 compartments in an 11 x 7 configuration; 1 3/4" square

Modules Explained:

The upper unit is the show piece of the system. This single unit alone is a complete finished module for a smaller collection of flies. It includes a matching wood top and a finished top edge which does not have any holes for stacking purposes.


All modules, drawers, and drawer dividers are sprayed with multiple coats of lacquer with a satin finish.  Staining is available as an additional option during the ordering process

The standard unit is has a white melamine top, which will not be seen when the modules are stacked. It also has holes drilled in the top edge which allows for adding additional units.


Through dovetail joints are used to join the sides of the modules to the back. Each module is made with exactly half of a dovetail at the corners. When two modules are stacked together, these make one full dovetail to keep a consistent appearance. The front rails are secured to the sides with black walnut dowel pins on the bottom. The top rail is secured with covered screws and is removable if you would like to add a wood or glass top later. The drawers are made with dovetail joinery as well. The top panel, bottom panel, and drawer bottoms are floating and are inserted into slots.

Module Tops:

The standard module top is white melamine. The upper unit comes with a matching wood top panel. The wood panel or a tempered glass top can be added to any module when ordering. The melamine is used to try to keep costs down and is meant to be covered when the modules are stacked. All panels are removable and replaceaable via screws located under the matching button caps. The front rail is removed and the glass, wood, or melamine panel can be changed.