Fly Fishing Display Cases - Questions

How heavy are these modules?

Each module weights between 30 and 35 pounds depending on the wood type.

Can you make different sized modules?

Everything has been done to streamline the building process to achieve lower pricing for a standard size module. We can do custom estimates on different sized modules, however pricing will be considerably higher for even the slightest change is design

How durable is the finish and how do I care for it?

The finish used is a waterborne catalyzed lacquer.  They are sprayed with 2-3 coats of full gloss lacquer to preserve clarity, then one final coat of satin lacquer for a nice soft sheen.  This product is extremely durable and will need no further care.  A final coat of paste wax is applied before shipping.  Dust is attracted to oil polishes and cleaners so they are not recommended.  All that is needed is a quick dusting with a dry soft cloth.   Any polishes or cleaners in an aerosol can are not recommended, some of the propellants in these cans can cause damage to a finish.  If the product ever loses it sheen, a fresh coat of silicone free furniture paste wax can be re-applied.

Can I get different dividers in each drawer?

Absolutely, you can choose between 40, 24, and 77 compartments per drawer. There is an additionl charge for different configurations.

Can I change the drawers around?

Although each drawer is exactly the same and in theory can be changed to a different location, each drawer front is custom fitted to it's space and individually numbered on the bottom. This ensures even and consistent spacing between drawers. The dividers themselves are interchangeable if you wanted to reconfigure your storage space.

I tried to take out some dividers and the whole "grid" came apart?

The dividers use a half lap joint and are a friction fit. If you need a few larger compartments, one or more can be removed. We hesitate to glue them in place as this will take away some of the customability of the system. To remove the entire "grid", all you need to do it apply a bit of pressure to the longer pieces in a sideways motion (as if trying to distort the grid out of square) and pull out of the drawer. Maintain this pressure until the "grid" is on a stable surface. A single drop of super glue at each cross joint will secure all the pieces together if desired.